A Year of Stevie

It's been a while, but I had to write up a post to honor Stevie's "rebirth"day! A year ago, I drove out to California to pick up my "new" old trailer from Brooke & Brian in Hemet. Coincidentally, it happened to line up perfectly with my birthday, so after a wild night seeking reprieve from... Continue Reading →

The Revival Tour | Day 5

The previous days I've written about in the Revival Tour were fraught with a frantic feeling that was nothing close to what I thought I would experience "traveling the world" in my little vintage camper. I was instantly overwhelmed - what on earth was I thinking? What possibly gave me the notion that I can... Continue Reading →

Desert Photoshoot

This is by far my favorite post ever, because I get to finally reveal the amazing photos from our desert photoshoot two weeks ago! Every picture in this post was taken by my ridiculously talented friend Sam (check out his blog here)! Sam is way too modest, and he's probably embarrassed just reading this, but... Continue Reading →

Vintage Surprise in Michigan

Hey ya'll! I wanted to throw together a quick 2-month post (can you tell it took me forever?!) so you could check out this amazing find I saw in Michigan last weekend in September. I was in Grand Rapids visiting my sister, brother-in-law and 9-month-old 11-month-old niece Abigail. Auntie Bragging Moment - how precious is she?!  ... Continue Reading →

A New Parking Spot

I hinted at this earlier on my Instagram, but now that the t's have been crossed and the i's have been dotted, I can finally say it with certainty: I'm a homeowner! Coming this winter I will have a brand new place to park Stevie (and myself, and the dogs). And by brand new, I... Continue Reading →

Getting Stevie Camera-Ready

The day is coming closer - Stevie is getting camera ready! My awesome friend Sam (check out some of his work here) will be heading out with me to get some photos of Stevie in action! Sam and I worked on the photography staff of our college newspaper together, and I've trusted him to document... Continue Reading →

The Revival Tour | Day 4

If you're still following along on this epic journey that brought Stevie back to her roots, I just want to say, thank you (and I'm sorry)! But really, I know I'm new at this blogging thing and some of my posts can be a little long & rambling, so sincerely: thank you from the bottom... Continue Reading →

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