Getting Stevie Camera-Ready

The day is coming closer – Stevie is getting camera ready! My awesome friend Sam (check out some of his work here) will be heading out with me to get some photos of Stevie in action! Sam and I worked on the photography staff of our college newspaper together, and I’ve trusted him to document all the moments in my life – like this craaazy cute picture of my pups (are you kidding?!):

PC: Sam Rosenbaum
Since I picked my little trailer up in California and took her on an overly-ambitious maiden voyage, I’ve had a few ideas of how to update her interior to match my style and really make her feel like home away from home. And if you’re getting sick of me praising American Travelers Restorations…well, read no further,

Top Left: Floors, Middle Left: Cabinets, Bottom Left: Ceiling/walls, Right: Counter
because when I say they set me up for success, I couldn’t be more serious!  The process of rebuilding Stevie was so awesome because they were with me every step of the way, helping me pick out colors and stains that matched my style so well. I love seeing them all come together, like the photo on the right. While it’s a far cry from the “original” look that most vintage trailer owners go for, I was so much happier having it speak to me and my style than I would have been leaving it exactly period-appropriate. And, Brooke and the team did a great job of leaving the original accents where possible, like the vent grates and original windows, doors, and locks!

The end result was a beautiful, calming interior with a fun pop of color on the exterior, and she certainly draws a gaze everywhere we go! I’ve always been a huge fan of blues and grays, so the light gray stain on the ceiling compliments the darker walnut color of the cabinets, and I tied it all together with blue accented upholstery and curtains. I was not ready to take on the cushions, nor did I have time while I slaved over the curtains, so those were outsourced to a local upholsterer.

IMG_3053For the curtains: at first, I chose this fabric. It’s cute, and a lovely seafoam color. I then painstakingly measured all the windows, added the seams, and cut my fabric. Here comes the fun part: I forgot to add ANY extra width for bunching. So the curtains had no extra room for those cute little ruffles, and I just couldn’t have that. So, an extra $100 later (ugh) the first batch of curtains went into the scrap pile for another project, and I ended up with the current fabric. Which, I’m so glad I did. the darker blue of the flowers matches the color scheme so much better, and the white background just brightens up the space and makes it so inviting. The jury is still out on how long they’ll stay clean…

The very first photo I took of the interior all put together: dark blue cushions, flowery curtains and a fun pillow I picked up at Joann’s!
In tiny baby steps, I’ve also been planning some fun decor for the inside of the trailer. A few ideas: magnets of places we’ve been, vintage National Park posters, and of course a

Oh, the things you can find on Amazon!
few gold accents because, well, I’m me and if there isn’t some gold somewhere in there, I’ll perish. One piece I’m really excited about is this artist rendering of a 70s photo of none other than Stevie’s namesake, Ms. Nicks herself!

I’ve also been working on a fun backsplash to make the interior of the trailer pop a little – after scouring reviews I settled on this one from Amazon. It’s very easy to cut and apply, but lining up the patterns and measuring it exactly has been quite the painstaking process! It’s still in the 90s here, so inside the trailer is about 110 degrees during the day. I can honestly only spend about 20 minutes at a time working in it between the heat and the smell of liquid nails! I’m only 2/3 done, so the finished photos will have to wait until the photoshoot with Sam – he’ll capture it much better, anyway.


The next two days are going to be all hands on deck (aka….my hands) to clean, decorate, and put the finishing touches on the old girl for her big day! I’d love to add a few small plants, a mirror, and some other artwork, but we’ll see what I can get accomplished by Sunday.  A little inspo: I’ve been following tin can homestead on Instagram for a while now, and I love the way they renovated the interior of their vintage Airstream – geometric accents, fun patterns & greenery all over. Here are a few of my favorites from their page:

I’m excited to have a whole slew of great photos to post after the weekend; Stay tuned! And check out Stevie the ’53 on Instagram, where I’ll be posting some behind the scenes from the shoot in the Superstition Mountains.

Screen shot 2017-09-20 at 10.42.55 PM

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