A New Parking Spot

I hinted at this earlier on my Instagram, but now that the t’s have been crossed and the i’s have been dotted, I can finally say it with certainty: I’m a homeowner! Coming this winter I will have a brand new place to park Stevie (and myself, and the dogs).


And by brand new, I mean…old. It just wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t! Granted, it’s actually 20 years newer than my little trailer, but it still has its updates, to be sure. The house has only had one owner since it was built in 1973, a couple named James and Mollie who clearly loved the place.  It looks like it hasn’t been updated the whole time (I’m pretty sure the wallpaper is original…), but the house has great bones and you can tell that they really cared for it. That makes it that much more special to me, that it was a beloved family home for over 40 years before I came upon it.

In an effort to keep things easy (and because two blogs is probably two too many) I hope ya’ll don’t mind the occasional fixer-upper post as I navigate updating the old place and making it my style. It’s my first house that I’ve owned all on my own, so I’m really excited to get to work on it and truly make it a home!


Unlike Stevie, there’s no maaajor renovations that need to be done. No walls to be moved, roof replacing, etc., it’s all mostly cosmetic work. Because I’ve moved around so much, my style is constantly changing, and every home I’ve lived in has looked different. My room in my house at college was completely beachy (there was literally a “Beach This Way” sign above my bed – oh, the things we wish we could take back). The home I built with my ex back in 2015 definitely had a farmhouse vibe, and my apartment now is a little hippie/boho/midcentury modern mess all in one…it’s exhausting!

So for this house, I’m envisioning something clean, free of clutter and useless stuff. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about owning and traveling in a camper, it’s definitely that less is more. The more clutter, the more distracted I am from what’s right in front of me: relationships with the people I love, nature, my dogs – the things that really matter to me.

I want the focus to be more on art, subtle pops of color, and some really kickass old pieces. I’ve already started with a beautiful credenza I found buried under junk at my aunt and uncle’s house, and a stunning gold and glass statement shelf from the 70s that I picked up at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market last year. I’m so excited to take awesome pieces like this and make them the focal point, while toning down the unnecessary stuff. Here’s a few inspirations I’ve come across in the planning stages:

Kitchen ISynk7x2psocw01000000000.jpg

For the kitchen, I’ll be keeping the cabinets – they may be old but they are in great shape! Down the line I may possibly paint or replace the doors, but for now, they aren’t a priority. Replacing the countertop, appliances, and installing a new sink will be the main points. Since the cabinets are dark, I’m thinking light on everything else to brighten up the kitchen: new tile for the floors, new countertops (I would looove quartz, if I can find it in my budget!), and a subway tile backsplash. New appliances of course, although I haven’t decided on stainless steel vs. black yet.

The kitchen inspo above is from New Darlings, and I’ve basically been living on their website for design ideas! I love the farmhouse sink, matte black hardware and subway tile backsplash. To the left of the window in my kitchen is one lone upper cabinet that looks a little out of place, so I’m thinking of replacing it to add the open shelving element without having too many open shelves to clean!


It’s gonna take some work to make this room relaxing…

My current bedroom in the apartment is a little unruly because, well, my current life is a little unruly, ha! I’ve lived here for almost a year now, and yet still haven’t found (or made) the time to really “unpack” this space and make it the stress-free environment that a bedroom should be. Instead, there’s almost always laundry on the floor and clutter on the dresser. I mayyyy or may not have hung up my first piece of art only a month ago – oops!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Bedroom inspo from Where the Hart Is – I love the hint of greenery in the corner and the curtains that go all the way to the ceiling.

My goal for the bedroom in the new house is to make it a light, bright place to call home. I’ve never had a metal bedframe, but they’ve been catching my eye lately, so I’m on the hunt for a vintage one I can shine up to bring into the space (or, this budget-friendly one from Living Spaces will do in a pinch!).


If I didn’t just purchase a house, I might be able to afford this absolute DREAM BED from Anthropologie. I spotted it while Labor Day shopping with my best friend and I never wanted to walk away! Too bad about the $1,000+ price tag!

I love this set-up, with the plants hanging from the ceiling. A big focus for me in the new house will be live plants. To be honest, I’ve never really been able to keep very many alive, but I’ve also never really put a lot of effort into it! I want fresh air and bright greenery to be readily available in this space, so I’m going to try to find a way to have plants in almost every room.


It’s safe to say that the next several months will be nothing but Pinterest, antique shopping, hardware stores and getting dirty. I can’t wait to start ripping things out and making them brand new again. Bring it on!

Living room – yes the curtains come with it! Lucky me! (not the piano though…)
Guest bathroom with a significant amount of vintage “charm”.

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