Vintage Surprise in Michigan

Hey ya’ll! I wanted to throw together a quick 2-month post (can you tell it took me forever?!) so you could check out this amazing find I saw in Michigan last weekend in September. I was in Grand Rapids visiting my sister, brother-in-law and 9-month-old 11-month-old niece Abigail. Auntie Bragging Moment – how precious is she?!


Anyway, we took a roadtrip over to Mackinaw City to check out the coast and venture over to Mackinac Island the next day. While taking the above photos, we saw a ridiculously old bus crossing the Mackinac Bridge (which is awesome, by the way), and of course I had to snag a photo of it.


We affectionately nicknamed it the Rust Bucket and went on about our day. Two hours later, we came across the Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show in St. Ignace, completely by accident. All along the street for almost a mile were amazing semi-trucks with customized cabs. Some of them even had the sleeping area completely converted to an apartment on wheels.




All the way down the line, at the very end, was none other than the Rust Bucket! Which turned out to be…get this….a 1953 just like my Stevie! This General Motors coach bus looked rough on the outside, but was in great shape on the inside. The owner was so nice and let me totally geek out with my own case of “I have one just like that!” I know, I know, it’s not similar at all, but it’s the same year and I was excited. Sue me.

Can you tell I was excited?!

It’s amazing how owning my own vintage vehicle has opened my eyes to how many amazing trailers and buses are out there! Whenever I visit my sister in Michigan, I am always on the hunt for two things: old barns and old trailers! It has nothing to do with my vintage trailer or my vintage house, but it is vintage, so that’s my little tale for the day past two months! So glad I ran into this beautiful Rust Bucket!

And just to end the post, enjoy one more shameless brag of my beautiful niece, because have you ever seen a sweeter, cuter face in the world?!

My sweet Abigail, light of my life!

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