Desert Photoshoot

This is by far my favorite post ever, because 0P3A7094I get to finally reveal the amazing photos from our desert photoshoot two weeks ago! Every picture in this post was taken by my ridiculously talented friend Sam (check out his blog here)! Sam is way too modest, and he’s probably embarrassed just reading this, but he deserves one heck of a shoutout, because I love these photos way too much!

This shoot was a long time coming, as you might notice because I was getting ready for it over two months ago. But, life happens. Between the new house renovation (which hit like a semi with the brakes cut), trip to Mexico, getting horrifically sick from aforementioned trip to Mexico, and a really awful period of loss recently, the shoot kept getting pushed further and further. I almost cancelled it entirely, but realized I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have some beautiful photographs of this piece of art on wheels!

The idea was to photograph Stevie in a truly amazing location that not only showcases the trailer, but my incredible home state. I have lived my whole life in Arizona, and feel lucky to experience it every single day. I think you can see why:


This breathtaking location is Lost Dutchman State Park, only an hour from Phoenix and with incredible views at every turn of the Superstition Mountains. With dogs in tow, we headed out for the day to check out the sights and get some great photos.







How ’bout that shiny new plate, eh? 😉

Sam managed to perfectly capture camping in the trailer – although admittedly my outfits aren’t usually so put together, hah! But being out and about with my pups is my happiest place. I mean, come on – are they not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

We may have even gotten a solid Christmas card out of the whole adventure! Like this sequence:

Sam can work a bokeh like no other, and I’m obsessed with all the little details he captured on both the interior and exterior of the camper. Some of my favorites: the aluminum backsplash that only took me about 6 weeks to install (ugh, yeah). Or the original metal logo rescued by Brooke and her team! And of course I can’t forget this artist print of my mascot Stevie herself:







And so, the adventures begin…with the house renovation finally cranking along, it’s unlikely that I will get to go camping again until next year. The past few months, I’ve let it get me down and felt anxious that I’m stuck in one place. But, turns out this one place is pretty amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So, I’m enjoying the adventures that happen right where I stand, every single day.



Thank you x a million for the most incredible photos, Sam! You’ve set the bar entirely too high for yourself and have forced me to call on you anytime I need photos that don’t utterly suck. 🙂



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  1. I like the two burner stove, I will be redoing the kitchen area in my 68 Yellowstone this year and have been looking for a nice two burner. Where did you get it and who made it?


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