Girls Just Wanna Have…Camping Trips!

I wanted to throw together a quick post highlighting a really fun weekend I had back in May – camping with my mama!

I’m so blessed to have a great relationship with my mom. We’ve had our typical struggles (ugh hi teenage years, I’m still apologizing for those…) but she has always been my rock, my voice of reason, and my favorite person to laugh with. And when I say laugh, I mean…this lady has the silliest, most contagious laugh in the world! Please enjoy this small slideshow of us being adorable:





We used to travel in an RV all the time when I was younger. Those were some of my favorite moments growing up, with the whole family crammed in the RV; my dad driving for 12 hours a day, my mom in the passenger seat stressing out over the maps, and my sister and I balancing in the back trying to make sandwiches for everyone because dad refused to make pit stops.

So since I got Stevie, my mom has been saying how much she wants to go camping with me. And the older we both get, the more we realize that holidays and birthdays aren’t about the gifts, but about the time spent together. So for Mother’s Day this year, I decided to gift my mama a girls-only weekend camping (well, plus Nemo!).

By some miracle we snagged a trailer spot Camp-22at the Christopher Creek campground in the Tonto National Forest – it’s about 30 minutes from where I grew up, and a beautiful little campground. The spot wasn’t really a “spot” so much as a tiny pullout barely off the campground loop, but under the tall pines in the shade, pretty much anything seemed like heaven!

We had plenty of time to get set up and cook ourselves some tacos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The campground was crowded and a little loud, but it was actually really nice to watch so many families spending quality time with each other – it reminded me of the camping trips my family used to take!

It didn’t take long for us to delve into typical girl time: catching up on life, laughing at the silliest things, and wrapping up the evening with a good old-fashioned board game!

Cince de Mayo feast!
“G-8….miss. Your turn, Grandma!”

The rest of our too-short trip was spent walking down by the creek, driving dirt roads to get to the good views, and munching on food that’s terrible for us (stovetop popcorn & s’mores, anyone?). And of course, laughing about nothing until we cried. All in all, it was a wonderful girls-only bonding weekend with the best mom around! And P.S. – can we talk about how she trooped the whole weekend wearing a boot for small fracture on her foot?! That she got wandering the cobblestone streets of Europe…I think I know where I got my adventurous spirit from! 🙂

In our matching “You are my sunshine” shirts.



Love you, lady!


Spectacular view from the Mogollon Rim

And that’s a wrap on our mother-daughter camping trip! I loved sharing my Stevie adventures with my mom, and making even more memories for us to treasure. Thanks for always being the best, mama!

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